São Paulo Brazil allows exchanging PET bottles and cans for credits on public transport

Each country creates its own way of encouraging the population to recycle. In Germany, for example, you can exchange your PET bottles for a few euro cents, which helps a lot of people to eat, or to spend on anything else in the supermarket.

With the same intention, the company Triciclo created the Retorna Machine, a loyalty program that consists of recyclable material deposit machines installed in subway stations in São Paulo, where you can exchange a PET bottle, for example, for transportation tickets public.

You can take cans and bottles and each one will have its value. For example: a can is worth 15 points and a bottle is 10. For every 100, you exchange for 35 cents in credits on the single ticket, which are automatically computed after you leave your trash.

Want to participate? Just register on the Return Machine website or download the application. After that, look for the recycling point closest to you and start accumulating points.

See the video (pt-br):

Source: Hypeness

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