Who and what the main professionals of the Industry are and what they do

To find out how a real industry works, you need to first individually understand the parts that make it up right? Then understand below what are the fundamental professions in the industrial sector so that everything can flow correctly.

Metallurgists are professionals who carry out the treatment and production of metals of different types. They are responsible for carrying out various stages from extraction to handling and final transformation, they are able to operate machines, inspect and monitor assembly / production lines.

The main steps carried out within the metallurgical industry are: Smelting, which occurs when a metal in its liquid state is placed in a mold to achieve the desired shape, and is where non-ferrous materials are produced.

The production of ferroalloys and pig iron, where tubes are manufactured, for example. We also have the fundamental steelmaking area, which manufactures and treats molten steel, creating various objects that facilitate our daily lives.

A welder, on the other hand, has the function of joining and cutting parts through a metallic fusion, responsible for making welds in carbon steel and stainless steel, holes, plates and equipment. This is a fundamental profession in the industry, because through it various essential materials emerge for us.

We also have the locksmith who develops cuts, holes and welds in metals such as iron and aluminum, producing pieces such as doors, windows, railings and window frames. These pieces are fundamental in several constructions.

All of these professions are essential to our economy and help in the development and growth of the country.


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